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I’m James, a composer and producer based in London.

I make solo work, and I also write music for film and theatre.

In July 2017 I released my debut solo record, Gaslight, on Moderna Records.  It's an album of lo-fi, minimalist, instrumental music.  

I’m also the Music Associate at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, where I composed the score to Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Matthew Dunster, in summer 2017, and more recently Hamlet and As You Like It, which both opened in April 2018.

Later in the year, I’m composing the music for Martin McDonagh's new play A Very Very Very Dark Matter, at The Bridge Theatre, London.

My work in film includes music for Open Palm FIlms, Shape History, Major Tom Productions, and others. 

I’m originally from Birmingham and studied music at Oxford University, where I graduated in 2011.